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Our American Ice Dream...

While in college, the question was born of what my brother Carlo, who has Down syndrome, would do when he finished school. It seemed to me that employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities which allowed them to realize their full potential and meaningfully contribute to the company were severely lacking. With my background in marketing and entrepreneurship, this experience inspired me to create a business that could provide work and community for my brother and other individuals with Down syndrome. Taking into consideration my skills, my Italian heritage, my passion for high-quality food, the DC market, and the needs and talents of my brother and other people with Down Syndrome, I settled upon the idea of an Italian gelato business. After graduating college, I moved to Italy to work in a very successful artisanal gelateria to learn the art of gelato making. Now we are taking the plunge and opening our business.

 Our Story


Our Product

La Marmotta Gelateria started from the simple observation that it was difficult to find authentic gelato in the DC metro area. We strive to make the best tasting gelato by using traditional recipes and methods, and by sourcing high quality local and Italian ingredients. Our gelato is made with organic locally sourced milk from grassfed cows.

Our Mission

To add a little beauty and goodness to the world through delicious products, purposeful work and meaningful relationships. It is our mission to employ people with disabilities because of the certainty that work is a fundamental part of our human dignity. We want to create a work environment in which everyone is welcomed as a unique person, with their own strengths and weaknesses, capable of positively contributing to this business and the world.

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